Four reasons to Geo Target your Website Traffic

It is important to think that what that traffic will do when it comes to buying website traffic. Because, you’re planning to expand your website and boost your ranking of Alexa, certainly it’s the amount of traffic that counts, not where it comes from, right? Wrong. Completely wrong! When it comes to traffic, geo targeting is essential. We have four reasons why..

1. Alexa Ranking

Alexa also offers a Country Traffic Rating based on the level of traffic from the country from which you receive most of your visitors, as well as rating you based on your global rankings. For the same reasons as your Global Traffic Rank, your Country Traffic Rank is important; better ranking correlates with better visibility in the results of the search engine and better impression on the potential customers. And obviously a good ranking, is matter of pride!

2. Target Location

Your website is created for a specific geographical location, either you know it or not. Thats true. Your site appears up in a particular language by default, using a currency, and is intended to serve a certain client base. You are creating popularity in that region when you purchase website traffic from a certain region, climbing higher in local search results, and generally growing your exposure in that particular area. Purchase web traffic from the wrong area and you’re going to waste time and money.

3. Rank in Right Search Engine

Similarly to the above example, you want most of your traffic from the country that’s most important to you, you’re going to rank highly on the search engines that people from those areas are using. For one of your keywords, it’s not great to be the top on when you’re trying to rank on Targeted traffic will ensure that the right people are in the right place to see you.

4. Targeting is important

If you don’t target the traffic, you would receive visitors from around the world, even from countries you don’t provide service, and people of location dont have interest in your website. Targeting your web traffic makes perfect sense as a website that has a huge volume of traffic coming from a single geographical region. It is likely to be considered more credible by search engines than one that receives traffic from all sorts of different locations!


Looking at the above four examples, you can already see that if you want to boost your ranking in a specific country or region, geo targeting your traffic is essential. But how do you get geo-targeted traffic for your website?

You are in safe hands when you buy website traffic from All our plans come with the default geo targeting option and we can provide traffic from any country you want.

And since we are a truly global provider, you also can pay in your local currnecy! That means geo targeting your web traffic is easy, regardless of where you come from and where you want your website to be promoted.


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