Types of Traffic Sources

The key factor to understand your website audience is through any web log analyzer software, most popular ones are Google analytics, Matomo and others – You must have usually come across few common terminologies like Direct traffic or Referral website … Read More

Article Submission

Article Submission is not obselete

The trend of submitting articles is still very much alive, it has a lot of advantages apart from being a FREE service : 1) Reach our to a wide range of audience and generate new leads thus increasing targeted website … Read More

Difference between Hits, Sessions & Users

Many people still confuse between Website Hits, Sessions & Users Hits – It basically means an instance or action of the visitor, it could be also termed as a page view. For example if the visitor goes to website … Read More

Slow and Steady Organic Traffic

If someone says that driving organic website traffic to your website is easy then Do Not Trust Them. Building genuine traffic is the most difficult task and it does not happen over night, it takes days, weeks, months to build … Read More

Proven tips and methods to Increase Organic Traffic to your URL

Its a challenge to improve organic traffic to your newly launched website. But there are few proven tactics as discussed below which are sure shot ways to rank your website in top positions for targeted keywords. If you compare search … Read More